Monday, January 19, 2004

Can God make my life significant? I went to a youth rally last night where J.R. Vasser spoke. He challenged all the youth there to make their life significant by following God's "call", growing in "character" and by having "courage" to suffer for the sake of Christ. It was a classic three point, alliterated sermon. It got me thinking about the significance of my own life. I am 24 and am not sure how significant my life has been. I have done my best to follow Christ and failed plenty along the way. I have had some spiritual highs and lows. Should I even be so concerned with significance? I am called to make His name great, not my own. But there is the always pestering desire to be great, or known publicly. I am reminded quickly by the Spirit that the disciples also wanted to be great. Jesus nipped that in the bud by showing them that the "greatest" in the kingdom will be the "least" and the servant of all. Well that is definitely not me! So as of now, I am not great, nor am I significant. So we are all in agreement that I have not made my name great, despite my attempts. Have I made His name great, by my life? The jury is still out on that one.

God, if I am honest with you and with myself, I must confess my desire for my life to be significant. My fear is that your definition of significant is drastically different and even opposed at times with my definition. I am so small. Could you take a life like mine and make it significant in your Kingdom? Will my life be significant in this world? Is the former question more important than the latter? I leave it to You. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear.


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