Tuesday, October 10, 2006

parables of this kingdom

The Gardner
The kingdom of the world is like a gardner who wants to fertilize her flowers. On the package she reads that one scoop of fertilizer will double the size of her plants. She decides to put two scoops on her favorite tulips. A few days later all that is left is a mound of dirt and some dried up roots.

The Gambler
The kingdom of the world is like a gambler who walks into a casino with all of his money. His best friend told him to put all his chips on the number 40 but instead he decides to diversify. Having spread out his chips to as many numbers as possible, the number 40 is the only number that hits all night. This man walked away with nothing.

The School Bus Driver
The kingdom of the world is like a school bus driver who is driving a bus full of kids to school. She thinks the highway will get her there faster and decides to put her bright red lipstick on as she drives.


At 6:39 AM, Blogger YadaYada said...

Hey Mark,

This is the first blog of yours that I have read. I'm sure that I'll be reading more, but first I wanted to introduce myself to you and your wife. Congratulations, by the way.

My name is Scott. I also blog on blogspot(happywhiteman.blogspot.com), but did not encounter your blog through the blogpot hotline. I was reading someone else's blog and tripped over a link to yours.

I think I will enjoy reading your posts. I, too, am tired of reading about the EC, but not tired exactly of what it offers to our Faith. Anyway, thought you and I might be like-minded, so I thought I'd drop you a line.

See you around, Scott.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

You're gonna have to explain that one to me.
- By the way, I do concur with some of your questions and doubts about EC. Like to hear more of what you think.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Mark said...


The Gardner:
The Kingdom of this world believes that "more is better." But just as in the case of fertilizer, more is not always better. "More" can destroy. More money. More pleasure. More stuff...etc.

The Gambler:
The Kingdom of this world believes that diversifying your life is better. The West lives in a sort of polytheism, which is masked as "relativism." Our culture says that all faiths are true. All opinions are right. Everyone is their own authority.

But as unlikely as it might seem, investing all of yourself into the One Truth or Person is the only way not to lose everything. In the end, those who have placed all their chips on Jesus will reap a reward. Those who have spread their life around to worship many "gods" will lose everything.

The School Bus Driver:
The Kingdom of this world believes that the fastest way is the best way. But in the case of a school bus and often in the case of life, this is not always true.

This need for efficiency combined with superficiality is a recipe for disaster. Just like a school bus is about to be in an accident when it is on a highway and the driver is putting on her make-up.

All of these were just a little experiment of mine. I wanted to see what its like to try to write parables. Its seems that parables have both a simplicity and a complexity to them. They deal with real life, ordinary experiences.
At the same time, they are trying to communicate a deeper truth.

Not only that, but their narrative is trying to communicate a "mood" to its listeners. And often, they have surprise endings.

It was a fun exercise. I recommend anyone trying it out. It definitely has helped me understand Jesus' communication style a little better.


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