Saturday, March 01, 2008

being realistic

When did being realistic go out of fashion? It is only a quixotic person who equates realism with pessimism. Pessimism is doubting what is possible in light of the difficulties. Idealism is believing in what is possible by ignoring the difficulties. Realism, however, finds itself right down the middle.

Realism, I believe, is believing in what is possible without ignoring the difficulties. It is humbly admitting our limitations without letting them hinder our way forward. It is taking inventory of what is possible and what is not. Then after taking inventory, it is finding ways to make what is now impossible, possible for the future.

Idealism says, "We can do it all today!" Pessimism says, "We can't do it all, so we won't do anything." But Realism says, "Today, we will do what we can."

It seems to be that Idealism and Pessimism are two sides of the same coin. They are both warped views of reality. They are both forms of denial. One only sees the negative and the other only the positive. But reality has both. This is why I believe being realistic means one has an outlook that is closer to the truth.

Realism means taking off the grey colored glasses that allow for no hope. It also means taking off the rose colored glasses that deny hardship. If we are to have glasses at all, then let them be the eyes of Christ. And let us see the world as it really is. Let us see the world as He see it.


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