Monday, January 19, 2009

What Others Could Not: A challenge for Obama

What Others Could Not
A challenge for Obama

You offer us hope of a promised dream.
You inspire a nation with change.
Yet, I want a simpler thing.
To some this might seem strange.

What I want is a challenge of sorts
Not meant to belittle your movement.
Yes, you have political support
But what about home improvement?

What I ask is different than the rest;
They want prosperity and peace.
I would like a harder test
A covenant that won’t be fleeced.

Can you do what others could not?
Succeed where others failed?
Can you remember what others forgot?
Keep sacred what others unveiled?

Dr. King moved mountains for civil rights.
Worshiped was JFK.
Two social heroes who fought the fight
Yet both lost their way.

When it came to changing the heart of a nation
Unrivaled were they in zeal.
But when it came to private temptation
Their lives were less than ideal.

So the challenge I put before you today
Is one of a personal matter.
It has to do with not going astray
And avoiding red lips that flatter.

Presidents and paupers, great men and small
Have all failed at this thing.
To stick to the promise for the long haul
They made with a vow and a ring.

No doubt these men did their part
To change the world for the better.
But their wives were left with a broken heart
From their husband's scarlet letter.

“Yes we can” be the change
From eighty to eighteen.
But as for you, will you exchange
This vow for a bowl of beans?

You’ve said, “Til’ death do us part”
For Michelle and God to hear.
And we will see from the start
How much you were sincere.

Can you do what others could not
When alluring women come by?
Or will you be tied in a lover’s knot
And live an adulterous lie?

This is the simpler thing I ask
But an important thing in life.
It might be your hardest task
Fidelity to your wife.