Thursday, June 24, 2004

nothing much

I have to be honest. As of late I have had little of importance to say. I am dry as far as blogging goes. I am not sure why that is. In seminary I could have blogged for days. And sometimes I did. But now, even though I am reading, I can't seem to find words important enough to blog about.

I could talk about my day. But that would bore even me. I guess in seminary I was being intellectually challenged on a daily basis. So after a few days of fueling up, I would have something to blog about. I guess now that I think about it, I do have stuff to blog about. My mind is still twisting with the questions of romance and love. But I have already blogged about this. Theologically my mind is wondering about the sacramental tradition of the Christian faith. But I haven't gathered enough information to have a good opinion on it yet. So my thoughts are deemed un-blogworthy.

I could dive into my personal life, but I am a bit nervous to do that. I am scared to tell of my latest crush or my recent fears and frustrations. I think it might be because I have a church full of people that might be reading this. So as soon as I divulge any juicy info on myself, it could be turned into instant rumor in the church. Not that people at Horizon really care. I just feel a bit limited by what I should share, not what I could share.

So until my thoughts change, I won't have anything good. Sorry.


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