Thursday, February 17, 2005

creating art

Frederick Buechner describes "art" as the process of "framing." Artists, be they poets, musicians, or painters, capture a moment. They invite us to look at the ordinary in all of its uniqueness.

Leonardo de Vinci captures a moment in the life of Mona Lisa. She isn't very beautiful. If we would have walked past her on the street we wouldn't have taken notice. The little smirk that she is now known for would have just been a fleeting gesture. But by framing her, by asking the world to stop and look, she has become a celebrity of art history.

Robert Frost captures many moments in nature. He frames snow covered paths, trees and flowers in such a way that reminds us of the complexity and simplicity of the earth. His words frame reality in a way that delights the imagination. His poems demand a pause in our hustle and bustle.

Beethovan had an amazing ability to frame as well. But as a musician, he framed time. His ability to blend various punctuations of sound in the midst of well spaced silences in certain counts of time was his art.

In a similar and beautiful way, the first chapter of the first book of the bible acts as a frame for all of humanity. Genesis 1 causes us all to stop and take notice. It is a work of art which captures the beginning of the whole big story of life. Rhythmically and poetically its chiastic structure frames our understand of the eternal God and the beginning of Creation. It is a reminder of the art that is all around us everyday.


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