Saturday, March 26, 2005

rejected by dad

It seems to me that the humble and powerless in this world need their children. There is a need for giving birth to many kids just to run the farm and take care of the house. Poor parents celebrate their offspring.

If, however, one is a king, one's offspring becomes a threat to the throne. Royal parents must watch closely as their kids grow up. Their childrens' ability to overthrow is greater than anyone else. If a king wants to remain in power for a long time, he better try to destroy his kids and his cousins.

For decades now the conservative evangelical churches of America have been praying for and speaking about the need for a revival in America. I wonder if all those prayers are being answered. I wonder, however, if God's answer is not what they were expecting.

What if God is "reviving" the American church through what is being labeled as the "emergent church?" And maybe its growth is born not just out of young creative minds, but out of years of earnest prayer. But now it seems like some conservative evangelical leaders want to dismiss their own child. This makes sense from a position of power.

What the king may be overlooking, however, is that there are two ways to pass the crown to his predecessor. One is through a celebratory coronation ceremony. The other, through death.


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