Saturday, November 04, 2006

Is CNN the most trusted name in news?

I understand that the news is biased. It has to be. People report the news and people write news stories. People can not be objective no matter how hard they try. There is no such thing as objectivity. We all have opinions. And even when we try to hide our opinions behind "presenting both sides" our slant still comes through. It's inevitable.

So I understand that Fox News has more of a conservative slant. I understand that CNN has more of a liberal slant. I expect that much from both of them. I wish they would both admit it. But even if they don't, I like that I can get two sides of the same story and try to figure out the truth on my own.

But the problem comes when the bias gets expressed in a blatant way while posing as the news. If it's an opinion piece than call it an opinion piece or an editorial. Don't call it news.

CNN calls itself "The most trusted name in news." And they might be right. But I have lost a lot of respect for them lately. One week before the election and what is the name of their primary news piece? Any guesses? Here is what they are calling it: "Broken Government." Now, tell me that is not biased.

All of the interviews and commentaries on "Broken Government" are about how George Bush and the Republican congress have screwed up. And their timing is impeccable. If they did this piece a year ago, I would still view it as extremely bias. They spout their frustration with the government as if what they are saying is fact and not opinion. If they would have done this a year ago, it at least would be biased with some integrity. But they launched this news piece a week before the election. If you don't see what is happening here then you have chosen to turn a blind eye.

Even if you lean towards the liberal political spectrum it's obvious what CNN is doing. They are setting the stage for disgruntled voters. It would be one thing if they had people on who hated Bush and also had people on who agreed with his policies. That would at least be an attempt at some balance. But no such attempt was made. This is liberal media at its worst. I expect more from "the most trusted name in news."

Fox News has the reputation of being bias towards the conservative side of the political spectrum. And they are. But at least that is what they are known for. No one is turning on Fox News expecting anything different. You know what you will get with Fox. You get the news from the perspective of conservatives.

But CNN is flaunted as a well-balanced and fair news outlet. It's not. Maybe it used to be. But I guess politics brings out the worst in people. And it's brought out the worst in CNN. It's one thing to be slanted toward one side of the political spectrum. That is expected of all news media. It's quite another to pull a political move like CNN is doing right now.

It's a shame too because I watch CNN everyday. And whenever I catch bits and pieces of "Broken Government" I want to puke. Such a great name in news has reduced itself to tabloid news.


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