Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Pets are a grace given to us from God. I think God gave us pet to reveal Himself to us.

Missy and I have a cat named Toby. He is a beautiful, cuddly, friendly little guy. And at times, he has the ability to love us better than most people do. Sure he has a piercing meow when his litter box needs changed or when he is out of food, but otherwise he doesn't complain about anything.

His big goals in life are to sleep, eat and be snuggled. When we walk through the door he jumps up to greet us. When we sit on the couch he just wants to cuddle up next to us and purr.

If we have to discipline him for something, it's ok because he forgets that we were mad at him within a few minutes. He doesn't hold it against us if we are distant or forgetful. He gets over the fact that we might not remember to feed him now and then. It seems his forgiveness is limitless. It feels like his love is unconditional.

No matter what is going wrong in the rest of our lives, Toby is always there to comfort us with his fluffy fur and loud purr. When Tobes is snuggled up next to us, stress seems to vanish. It's amazing what a lovable cat can do.

And I think God did this on purpose. I think he made pets like this to show us what love and forgiveness can be like. In His Kingdom, wrongs are forgotten within minutes. In His Kingdom, forgiveness comes in an instant. In His Kingdom, love doesn't come with strings attached. Love is there waiting for you when you open a door or sit on a couch. In His Kingdom, there is always someone inside who is excited to see you when you get home.

Pets are God's gift to us. They are a picture of grace. They are a window into the world that He lives in. And it's the same world that He invites us all into.


At 9:29 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Isn't my wife so cute hanging out with our cute cat.


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