Wednesday, February 06, 2008

rebellious republicans

The Republican race for the presidential nomination has been interesting. Many Republicans seem to be casting a vote "against" rather than "for" one of the candidates. For instance, many conservatives are rebelling against the idea that McCain is the front-runner. They make idle threats about voting for the democrats in the national election if McCain wins the nomination. He's just not hardline enough for them.

Others seem to be rebelling against Romney. McCain voters would rather have Huckabee win than Romney as proven in the West Virginia tag-team voting strategy. It is especially interesting to me that, as the post-Super Tuesday dust settles, Huckabee won 5 states and Romney has only won 7. This despite the fact a that Romney has raised over 88 million dollars while Huckabee has raised just over 8 million. Just more evidence that money can't buy an election.

*As a side note, while we are on the topic of campaign fundraising, CNN reports that as of February 1, all of the presidential candidates have raised a combined total of almost 570 million dollars. With all of these stump speeches about the economy, taxes, poverty and deficit spending, I wonder if there is a better way this 570 million could be spent. Just a thought. It seems hypocritical for Americans to ask the government to bail us out of a slow economy all the while we spend 570 million dollars trying to get our favorite presidential race horse to the finish line.


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