Thursday, March 06, 2008

Obama wins Texas

The news reported a couple days ago that Clinton won Texas. Well, that is not exactly true. She won the Texas Democratic Primary. But as the numbers from the Caucuses come in, it doesn't look good for Senator Clinton. Let's do the math.

228 total delegates are up for grabs in Texas. 126 of those are tied to the March 4th primary. But 67 delegates are tied to the March 4th caucuses. And with 23 superdelegates already committed, that leaves 12 uncommitted superdelegates to round out the total.

Clinton won the primary 51% to 48% against Obama. So lets assume she gets 65 delegates and he gets 61. Now let's look at the caucus numbers. Obama is winning 56% to 44%. That means Obama is likely to get at least 37 delegates whereas Clinton will only get 30. Now let's add it all up.

Clinton: 65(primary) + 30(caucus) = 95
Obama: 61(primary) + 37(caucus) = 98

Obama wins the delegate count. So the uncommitted superdelegates should move in his favor.

Someone needs to send a memo to the Clinton campaign. Sweep up the confetti and put the cork back in the champagne. Hillary lost Texas.

So Tuesday's results actually looks like this:
Clinton won: Rhode Island & Ohio
Obama won: Vermont & Texas

The Clinton's are experts at "spin." But don't believe the hype. They don't want people to look at what actually happened on Tuesday. They want to pull the wool over people's eyes and make it seem like Clinton is a viable candidate. Do the math. She's not.

She is behind pledged delegates 1,321 to 1,186. That means she is behind by 135 delegates. The only thing keeping her in the race is an unfair draw from the superdelegates. Even though Obama is ahead in the pledged delegate count, he is behind 199 to 238 in superdelegates.

So while the voters have consistently put Obama in the lead, the elitist liberals in the Democratic party want to sway the election toward Clinton. This is classic "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" political maneuvering. You can always count on the Clintons to work their political magic behind the scenes.


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