Wednesday, April 16, 2008

being right

The problem with being right is that you begin to think that you are always right. I was reading a blog post written by one of the big named evangelical leaders of America. Every other word seemed to be about how his denominational doctrine was right and how the Catholic Church was wrong. He was convinced that he fully grasped the truth and everyone else didn't.

Permeating his writing was the consistent theme of "Being Right." For this particular leader, being right was the ultimate goal of life. And who can blame him. He has probably been told he was "right" for decades now by everyone around him. This is what happens to big named leaders.

It happens to Presidents and Popes, movie stars and religious leaders. They begin to be surrounded by "yes" men and women. Saturated in their own ego, they begin to believe the voices that tell them how right they are. Soon their lives are consumed with being right and defending their view against everything that might make it seem like they could be wrong.

Since when did Jesus call us to be right? Is that our chief goal of life? I think not. The problem is that so many denominational leaders, radio preachers and big named Christian speakers get all caught up in this obsession. They build their life like a tower of cards and must, therefore, protect it violently against the winds of dissent.

These folks have traded in the humility of Christ for the arrogance of thinking they have cornered the market on truth. It has probably been years since they have said the words, "I was wrong." And it has probably been decades since they have uttered the gentle request, "Please forgive me."


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