Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a sign that reads "Please Remove Sandals"

What makes space sacred? Is it just the presence of the living God in our midst? Is it mediating objects like candles, crosses and altars which tune our hearts Godward? Maybe some of both?

Nature often seems sacred. This may at first lead us to believe that all we need is the presence of God for space to become sacred. If we look closer, however, we may realize our need for media even there. The gentle breeze, the swaying trees, the distant birds all function as intermediaries and intercessors drawing us into the Divine.

Maybe all worship is just replicating pieces of creation. We imitate the coming of the new earth and the new heaven. For Israel it was a lit menorah mimicking the sun in order to provide needed light in the Holy Place. It was the bronze basin mirroring the sea. The Most Holy Place became their hidden grove in a darkened forest, which, of course, one wisely enters with trepidation.

All worship then and now is mere anticipation of nature in its redeemed fullness. The heavens declare the glory of God and so do we.


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