Tuesday, August 19, 2008

pro-life dems

Going against the flow is a hard thing to do. I have to hand it to the group "Democrats for Life of America." While most in the Democratic party are happy to stick with their tried-and-true views on abortion, this group is challenging the status quo from the inside out.

Democrats for Life of America is a national organization for pro-life members of the Democratic party (www.democratsforlife.org).

Here is what their mission statement says:
Democrats for Life of America exists to foster respect for life, from the beginning of life to natural death. This includes, but is not limited to, opposition to abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia. Democrats for Life of America is one of over 200 member organizations of Consistent Life: an international network for peace, justice and life.

Here is what this group is trying to do. They mobilize Democrats at local, state, and national levels to:
- elect pro-life Democrats to office
- support pro-life Democrats while in an elected position
- promote a pro-life plank in the Democratic Party platform
- achieve pro-life legislation with the help of national and state pro-life democrats
- participate actively in Democratic party functions and offices

I love this group. They decided not to just jump on the party bandwagon. Instead, they are willing to stand up for what they think is right even when it goes against the mainstream of their own party.

They remind me of the "creation care" movement that is happening among conservative evangelical Republicans. Care for the environment is important to these Republicans because they feel called to take care of God's creation. They fight for environmental issues even when other Republicans want to quiet their voices and push them to the fringe of the party.

The same is true for Democrats for Life. In an increasingly polarized political minefield that is Washington, D.C., I really respect those who are willing to go against what is easy in order to stand for what is right. May people from both sides of the aisle be willing to do this more and more.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger RightDemocrat said...

Democrats for Life is a great organization and I also applaud what they are trying to accomplish. It never makes sense to put all of your eggs in one basket and that is what the pro-life movement has done. As a result, pro-lifers get mostly rhetoric from the Republican Party. We need pro-life and pro-traditional values supporters involved in both parties.


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