Monday, January 26, 2004

I was just sitting here reading and a thought came to my head. You know, one of those thoughts that sneaks up behind you while you are reading. It just sort of taps you lightly on the shoulder and whispers a truth into your ear. Its so subtle and gentle that you don't even bother to stop reading. But as you read, that whisper of truth begins to echo in the canyon of your mind louder and louder. Until finally, you must put your book down and allow the thought to process. And here is what I heard, "You already have've already found it." Found what? I asked myself. And answered, "Found the greatest love, the greatest romance, the greatest partnership you will every find. You already have it. He knows you better than any girl ever will and you have been getting to know him for the past 16 years. Every other love will pale in comparison to the love you already have in Him." Then I realized that all my endeavors to get to know girls and to find a wife need not be so stressful or full of worry. I am already in the best relationship I will ever be in. Not only that, but I have been in this relationship for some time now. This thought is not new to me, but it is more profound to me now than it has ever been.

Thank you Lord for reminding me of the reality of your unending love. Thank you for calming my uncertainty about relationships and my future. Father, the truth is you are my future and my present and have always been my past. Thank you so much for meeting me here and whispering your truth so gently into my deaf ears. Give me ears to hear your words of love, every day, every day.


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