Friday, January 23, 2004

All I think about these days is what homework assignment is due next. I try to manage my time and become consumed with due dates and how much time it will take me to read chapters in various books. There seems to be so much pressure in my classes this semester to "complete" the work that I am struggling with actually dialoging with these books. Its as if I don't have time to consume what I am reading. I snack as quickly as I can these microwave nuggets of knowledge. I feel an inevitable grip of mental indigestion coming on. I mean, seriously. There is only so many hot dog eating contests one can do on a weekly basis before the urge to purge that over-processed pig by-product wells up inside.

SLOW DOWN is what I would love to do with all that I am learning. SHOW DOWN is what may happen between my schedule and my own sanity. The GO 'ROUND is what my classes are giving me these days. HO' DOWN is really what I would like to do this weekend rather than reading. MO' TOWN is the prescription to this disease of spending too much time doing homework and sitting in classes. JOE CLOWN is a name that has no significance in this post accept to rhyme with the other words.


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