Friday, January 23, 2004

I met a girl tonight in Collins. A freshman. She was just chatting with the Resident Chaplain. She told us about her 400 dollar purse. She told us about how her parents bought her a car but she felt "deprived" because she didn't get to pick it. She told us about how she "needs" a new spring wardrobe. Someone asked her what she was doing with all of her other spring clothes. She told us that she gets, not just new clothes, but a whole new wardrobe every season and gives her "old" clothes to her "maid". She explained that the lady is more of a cleaning lady than a maid because she only comes to clean the house three times a week. She went on to tell us that the monthy allowance that she gets from her parents (which she was too embarrased to tell us the amount because of how much she got) is apparently not enough. So she when she bought her books this semester she also bought the most expensive book in the book store. It was a huge bio-premed book which she returned the next day. This way her parents thought they were buying her the needed books for the semester and all the while she gets to pocket an extra 140 dollars. I wish I was making this up....but I am not.


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