Wednesday, February 25, 2004

free ball'n

So I haven't done dishes or laundry in like a week and a half. Not sure why I haven't done dishes. But laundry has piled up because my washer isn't working at the moment. I need to get it fixed.

But I have come to the end. I have reached the bottom. I ran out of boxers. As I type this, I do so as one without underwear on. A strange thing, not wearing underwear. Girls do it all the time. They may be uncomfortable with the thong so they disregard underwear altogether all so that there won't be "panty lines" in their skirt or dress.

But guys don't resort to this kind of nakedness until we absolutely have to. And I have indeed reached that point. Its funny because I feel naked under my clothes. Ironically enough, we are always naked under our clothes. So I sit here typing, and my bare buttocks is pressed up against the inner part of my jeans. (Great mental picture huh? HUH??)

It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Cramer had to forego his briefs because of a low sperm count. So instead of boxers, he went all the way and wore no underwear at all. Sometimes I wonder if people can notice, but alas, they cannot....until now. Those folks who actually get around to reading my blog will know my secret. My guess is that I won't be wearing underwear for the next couple days, at least until my washer gets fixed. SO WATCH OUT WORLD. I AM NAKED UNDER MY CLOTHES!!!

Maybe for Lent I will give up wearing underwear altogether. Hmmmmm...


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