Friday, July 14, 2006

a quick thought on knowing God

I thought about how to describe what it is to know God. So many of us sing worship songs about knowing Jesus or knowing God. We share our faith with others and we talk about a relationship that we have with God or how amazing it is to know God.

But we understand when we say this that we don't know God fully. God revealed Himself fully in Jesus Christ. But we are still learning and growing more into the knowledge of who He is and what He is about.

The biblical sense of the word "know" has sexual intimacy as its connotation. And if the church is the bride of Christ and he is our bridegroom than maybe this sort of allusion is appropriate. To say that I know God means that I have intimacy with God through Christ. But even this is hard to understand or wrap my brain around.

Maybe knowing God is like knowing a famous person. When we say that we "know" a famous person what are we saying? I think we are saying that we see a little more about that person than the general public. We are let in on what their personality is like when they get off stage.

But more than that. When we say we know a famous person what we really are saying is that they know us. What we are really saying is that in a crowd of people, they would be able to recognize our face. And just maybe, they would remember our name.

It feels special to know a famous person because it means that they know us better than others. And further, it means that we are known by someone important. We are known by someone with status. This makes us feel good about ourselves. So maybe that is how it is with God.

When I say I know God, I really just mean that he knows me. And I am known by someone who has no greater status. It does more than make me feel good about myself. Being known by God is the very source of my identity and being. It is the starting point from which the rest of life unfolds.

Maybe this means that I am just a God groupie. But I think that is ok. After all, it will be my Father who is the One coming off-stage after the show to hang out with me at the after party.


At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obvivously it grows as time goes on, When we fall away and come back or stay with him through-out our life. We will always be growing closer and we will never fully know every detail of him at least not in this body.

But I wonder if being in the image of God if from the beginning we "know" God in some form or sense and it just grows as time continues.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Hmm... Never really thought about relating knowing God, to knowing a famous person. I do know a couple and as you said it's a good feeling. But knowing God; you mentioned you think of it as God knowing you. That is how I see it too. I don't know if I could even begin to wrap my thoughts around the concept of knowing God.

As you said the closest thing we have is Jesus Christ. I know I am in constant pursuit to know God. Most this is through studying his word, prayer, or community.

God, and knowing Him. Wow, though I feel as we grow closer intimately with Him, He gives us glimpses of His characteristics and qualities. Mostly, to ensure hope and instill His constant love.

Interesting thoughts Mark

That idea could offer a group a deep discussion for sure.

At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Joe Martino said...

I've waited a couple of days to comment on this post, b/c I am not sure at all that I agree with you. If the relationship that God is calling me to is one of a "Rock Star/Groupie" that's really not much of a relationship at all. The one that I am being called to is that of a child with his Daddy. I'm 32 years old, and I still don't know all there is to know my Dad. He visited us last week and surprised me with different things that he said, adn did but he's still my dad, I'm still his son and our relationship-strained as it my have been over the years- is still that of him knowing me, and me knowing him. I believe it's the same way with God, I can KNOW Him. I can recognize His voice(which doesn't mean I always do), I can hurt Him, and I can draw near to Him. He wants me to talk to him not as some discipline but b/c He loves me and wants to hear from me. Why this is I have no idea b/c I can do some pretty stupid things to my relationship with Him, but He's always there. Ok, now that I've practically written a post in response I'll stop.

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Joe Martino said...

Sorry I left part off, and I think it changes the entire tone of my comment. I agree wholeheartely with you that to be known by God is the starting point of everything else and it is good. I just think it's the gateway to much more.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Joe said, " to be known by God is the starting point of everything else and it is good. I just think it's the gateway to much more."

Me too.

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