Tuesday, February 20, 2007

dog eat dog world

The Westminster Kennel Club dog show awarded an English Springer Spaniel named "Diamond Jim" a.k.a. "James" the Best In Show award this year. For looking its best, the dog and its owner win a silver-plated trophy and high esteem from their peers.

This kind of reminds me of Hollywood. All the stars get out of their limos and walk the red carpet. Then, once they are inside, the famous few get the Academy Awards. They have to look their best, be of a good breeding, and of course have a stunning outfit on. This is not too different from the Kennel Club where a glossy coat of fur gets everyone's attention.

But then there are the dogs that matter. Sometimes a man's best friend lives up to that title. This was the case for the climbers on Mt. Hood a few days ago. Their companion dog named "Velvet" helped them stay alive. This dog huddled between the two stranded climbers and kept them warm in sub-zero temperatures. Now that is what a dog is for.

Dogs weren't meant to be pranced around with perfectly fluffy hair, glimmering white teeth and flawless posture. Dogs were meant to protect the ones they love. They weren't meant to have perfect breeding. They were meant to be mutts with profound loyalty. They were never meant to walk a red carpet or a green carpet. They were meant to be there to save our lives when we need them the most. They were meant to snuggle up beside us saving us from the life-threatening cold or maybe just the long day of work. Either way, they weren't designed for the "Best in Show" award. They were created to be man's best friend.

The same could be said for humanity as well.


At 12:57 AM, Anonymous Jason Edwards said...

One of the mother's of the girls we work with here (an american) raises show dogs. I think her springer was 'best of opposite" in that competition. She just told us that.

I like the new Horizon Towson website. Nice work on that.



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