Thursday, October 11, 2007


Finally, the cool temperatures of autumn have arrived. There is just nothing like the Fall season in the Northeast. Apples can be found in a variety of baked goods. Pumpkins can been seen around the neighborhood as lawn decoration. But the most noticeable changes are, of course, the trees. The trees become a delight to the eyes. Greens turn to yellows and reds.

Driving down a scenic road feels like a trip through a Bob Ross painting. As autumn continues, the colors heighten. Red leaves become what looks like a tree on fire. Yellow leaves turn to gold. And the beauty of the season delights not only the eyes but also the nose. Fallen leaves begin to decompose on the damp ground. Like a natural potpourri, these dead leaves fill the air with the smell of Fall.

Maybe that is why autumn is such a wonderful time. It's a full sensory experience. The cool air on your skin, the brilliant colors before your eyes, the smell of old leaves in your nose, the taste of apple and pumpkin on your tongue, and the sound of crunching leaves beneath your feet all work together to gently fill the senses. I love this time of year.


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Happy little trees!


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