Tuesday, April 29, 2008

enough already

There is a part of our Presidential nomination process that doesn't make sense to me. Hillary and Barack have been campaigning for their party's nomination for over a year and a half. McCain had to go for just over a year to get the Republican nomination. But when it comes to deciding a President, there will only be a few months of head to head campaigning between McCain and the Democratic nominee.

Doesn't that seem backward to anyone else? It seems like the parties should choose their nominee earlier in the process and allow more time for comparison between the two parties' Presidential candidates.

The way the process is going now is expending an extraordinary amount of money, energy and time. By the time American's get to the poles in November, the nation will have "over-campaigning fatigue syndrome." I wouldn't be surprised if what we find at the conclusion of the Presidential race is a tired electorate which serves up an anticlimactic ending.


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