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Well, the media attack dogs are on the loose. Palin's introduction to the political world in Washington is a harsh one. The liberal pundents will say anything and do anything to get their candidate in the White House.

Here is what Palin has already had to face just in the first few days of being a VP candidate:

1. Rumors were spread on the blogosphere saying that her youngest child actually belongs to her daughter. (internet media)

2. Because she is a mother, her ability to do the job is in question. (Washington Post)

3. She is being criticized for not having enough foreign relations experience. (all media)

4. Her ability to be a good mom has been doubted because her daughter got pregnant as a 17 year old out of wedlock. (Washington Post)

5. Her views of teaching abstinence education have been criticized because her daughter got pregnant. (CNN)

6. She is being criticized for being nominated to the VP position solely because she is a woman. (all media)

7 . Her leadership as governor has been called into question because of her interaction with the boss of her state trooper brother-in-law. (all media)

That is a lot to take in just the first few days on the national political scene. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we should being praying for her and her family that they will be able to sustain the onslaught. We should especially be praying for the daughter who is pregnant. Can you imagine being a daughter and having your mom trashed by the media because of a mistake that you made?

So are any of these criticisms legitimate? Let's walk through them.

#1. This one is blatantly false and is just tabloid rumor.

#2. If being a mother excludes women from being in high powered jobs, then the women's movement hasn't made it out of the 50's. Maybe we should ask all of the high powered CEOs who are mothers. I wonder if they would think this is a legitimate argument? I think they would give a resounding "No." This argument is ridiculous.

#3. This criticism is also an empty one. We elect governors to the presidency all the time with no foreign relations experience. Maybe you have heard of two of them: Reagan and Clinton. Plus, Obama also has little foreign relations experience and he is at the top of the Democratic ticket. One thing Palin has as governor that Obama doesn't have is executive experience commanding the National Guard. And Palin is just the VP candidate. McCain has tons of foreign relations experience to make up for any she lacks.

#4. If people doubt her as a mother because her daughter got pregnant, then they would have to doubt the parenting of millions of women in America. In fact, these same people would then have to doubt the parenting of Obama's grandmother, whose own daughter got pregnant at 18 with Barack. His grandmother played a big part in raising him as well. This whole line of thinking is just silly. It also misses the point that she has a son who is willing to serve his country by joining the military. I would say that is pretty good parenting.

#5. This idea is ridiculous. Her views of abstinence education don't have anything to do with her daughter. That is like saying a parent who has kids who try drugs should then suddenly be for legalized marijuana. Again, silly.

#6. This sexist attack discounts her record for reform in Alaska. She is a fighter that has a proven track record of working against corruption. If this attack was leveled against a woman running from the left, the whole media would be crying "Sexism!" But the rules seem to be different for a woman who is running from the right.

#7. This might be the only criticism that has any merit. But as the investigation unfolds and we find out that the trooper tasered a kid for no reason, we might think differently. I think that the McCain campaign wouldn't have invited her onto the ticket without investigating this thoroughly.

So out of the many attacks that are coming her way, only one has any merit. And that one is under investigation. When it turns out that she did nothing wrong, she will be in the clear.

The media attacks will hopefully self-correct much like they did with the Reverend Wright scandal for Obama. At first the media will attack repeatedly. Then, they will self-criticize and realize how ridiculous their coverage has been.


At 7:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love how much time you are able to spend researching and writing about the election. I love politics so your blog is something I like to read when I get a free minute.

While it is evident we disagree on the choice for President I am always glad to see someone who is willing to stand up for their side. I have followed Senator Obama's career for four years since his unbelievable speech in Boston and yet it took me up till the Fall of 2007 to finally say that yes this guy is the best choice for President. With this said it amazes me how you and so many other Republicans can defend and feel that Gov. Palin is ready to be Vice-President after less than a week of even knowing who she is.

Obviously I feel Sen. Obama is the right choice and I will continue to support him. I also understand that you will continue to support Sen. McCain and I respect that. However as my friend please don't just follow the crowd like a helpless sheep and really do your research before defending Gov. Palin. I'm not sure when her views come out that she will be the person that you honestly can believe would be the best Vice-President.

The way that everyone on the conservative side has fallen into line behind someone they know nothing about amazes me. I guess it is why everyone on this side has just sat back and allowed George W. Bush to create the mess he has the last four years.

I know you like to think of yourself as a leader so I hope that you, unlike so many other conservatives, will really make sure you know the person you are supporting before you defend their views. This election is too important for people to be deciding when they don't know all the candidates.

Anyway I hope you don't mind me commenting here. Rebecca is studying and I had a few extra minutes. I hope you enjoy Gov. Palin's speech tonight and I agree that we as Christians should be praying for all our leaders and candidates knowing that ultimately God is in control.

Have a great night!


At 11:01 PM, Blogger Mark said...

You know me man, you know I do my homework on the candidates. I don't agree with everything that Palin believes, just as I assume you don't agree with Obama and Biden on everything.

I assume neither one of us will be "helpless sheep." We are both too smart and too into politics to let that happen. I give you too much credit to assume you would be a "sheep" like so many other liberals. I would hope you could give me that same credit.

I actually tend to agree more with McCain's views than Palin's. She is more conservative than I am. But I am not trying to defend all her political beliefs. I am defending her, her record of reform and her ability to do the job.

There are only 50 governors. And out of those 50, she is the most popular. That doesn't happen by accident. She has to be an excellent leader to be able to stand up to people in both political parties and yet still have an 80% approval rating.

Scott, I see how upset you get when people make silly accusations against Obama. And rightly so. So you should understand how silly these accusations are about Palin. You saw it happen to your own candidate.

As far as supporting Palin so quickly, let me say this. We are voting for McCain. Elections aren't lost and won by the VP. You know this. Our choice is not Palin or Biden. Our choice is McCain or Obama. And Republicans have had years to get to know McCain.

And while Palin is fairly new on the scene, we trust McCain in his decision-making. That is why we are voting for him. And what little we know of Palin, we really like.

She has about as much governmental experience as Obama. So I am sure her inexperience isn't a problem for someone like you who is so passionate about a candidate like Obama who also has so little experience.

You know first hand what it feels like to want to vote for a candidate who hasn't been corrupted by government yet. And what both Palin and Obama lack in experience, they make up for in a desire to change things.

Scott, one last thing. I do like politics. It is part of my job at Horizon to know what is going on in the world. We have both Republicans and Democrats at Horizon so I especially feel the need to know my stuff when it comes to both sides of the aisle.

But all of it is secondary to following Christ. Our primary loyalty is to Him and His Kingdom, not any political party or any presidential candidate. I would hate to see your passion for politics or my passion for politics distance you from me or distance you from your church community. Our loyalty must be Christ first, above all else and our political beliefs a distant second or third.


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