Tuesday, September 09, 2008

bumper campaigning

I saw a funny sticker on a car today. It read:
"Obama is Palin comparison!" As in, Obama is "pale in comparison" to McCain. I thought that was a cute way to use her name.

Also, while studying for this week's sermon, I ran across the Greek word "παλιν." παλιν is pronounced "palin," just like the last name. It is the Greek word that means "again."

This fun coincidence could be used by the Democrats to make a sticker that reads: McCain/Palin = Bush "again"(παλιν).

It could also be used by the Republicans to say, "If we want to win the White House "again" (παλιν), we need McCain/Palin.

Of course, the only people who would get either one of those slogans would be geeky, Greek-studying seminary students or ancient history majors. But I still thought it was a rather funny coincidence.


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