Friday, September 26, 2008

the debate

I watched the debate tonight and found myself really liking the demeanor of both candidates. What do you do when you like the character and personalities of both men running for President?

Some political races don't boil down to issues but instead revolve around personalities. Most people walk into the voting booth, look at the two names, and check their brain at the door. Most people go with their emotions and their gut. They ask themselves whether they "like" the candidate or not. It all ends up being a high school popularity contest in the end.

But it changes the way you vote if you really "like" both of them. If you appreciate the character and personality of both candidates then that won't drive your voting choice. If both men are respectable, good men who are smart and capable, then you are forced to vote on the issues.

I am happy that we have two great men running for President. And though I resonate more with one candidate than the other on the issues, it is nice to know that the American public did a good job this year in the primaries. We are left with two very different options yet two very good men.


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