Friday, November 07, 2008

minorities are majority

When we look out into the world, we see people of all different skin colors. But those who consider themselves "white" or "Caucasian" need to understand that they are the minority. Those of us who are of Anglo-European descent really only occupy parts of Russian, Europe, former British colonies (ie. South Africa, Australia), Canada and the U.S. But even in these places, people of mixed races are more and more the norm.

"White people" are a global minority. The rest of the world is typically a darker shade of "brown" or "yellow." So if we have churches that are only "white," we need to understand that we are becoming more and more irrelevant to our country and the world.

This is also why the world is excited about the U.S. electing President Obama. When they look at Obama, they see more of themselves in him than they have in any of our previous presidents. His skin isn't caucasian. He is biracial. The hue of Obama's skin is more like the rest of the world. It also reflects the changing face of America.

We call Obama a "minority," but he is not. He is only a minority when it comes to the U.S. or Europe. But to the rest of the world, he is the majority. While we ultimately hope that people can look past skin color, Obama's biracial ethnicity is a real asset globally.


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