Tuesday, January 27, 2004

When you see a fairly attractive girl and think to yourself, "I think I know her, or she knows me." But you can't remember her name or where you met, if indeed you met at all. Then enters the dilemma. Should you A. Keep pretending like you don't know her B. Ask her if you should know her (risking the possibility that she and everyone else in Common Grounds thinks you are hitting on her) C. Say "Hey" as if you do know her and hope she will respond in a positive way (risking that she doesn't really know you and you made this all up in your head) or D. Just look her in the eyes and smile (that way if she does know you then you have acknowledged her and if she doesn't than you are just being nice). These are the Days of My Life *cue corny music and the picture of the hour glass*


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