Saturday, April 24, 2004

getting there

I just finished my fourth paper of the week. Altogether I have typed up 44 pages of paper. I had 6 major projects to do and only two weeks in which to do them. 4 down, 2 to go... Not bad. I have a sermon that needs to be done by Tuesday. That is, the sermon brief (all the research work) and the actual sermon, which needs to be written as well as sufficiently rehearsed.

Another sermon needs to be ready to preach by Thursday. I am not sure if I will preach a different one than Tuesday's, or the same sermon just tweaked a little. And finally another sermon brief due Friday. So in total, two sermon briefs and two sermons ready to preach (unless I preach the same one twice, which isn't likely). The two sermons will probably add about 20 pages to the total by the time I am finished with all the research.

I have that tired feeling that is accompanied by the satisfaction of work accomplished. Mixed with that feeling is this internal drive that is well aware of the many tasks ahead. "No celebration just yet", it tells me. So after each paper was done, I did a mini-celebration dance and then moved on.

These next two sermons will be no easy task... Especially having to preach the first one in Truett chapel. Its one of those honors that you are truly honored to receive, and at the same time, part of you wishes someone else got the award. It seems to me that this is evidence of the human desire for recognition without the accompanying responsibility. When in reality, the two always coincide.

After completion of next week, the finish-line will be in sight. There will only be four hurdles in my way. Each one a big, fat final. But no worries. God has brought me along this far, I know He will see me through to the end.

Father, I thank you for all the work of the last 7 years which has helped to prepare me for what lies ahead.


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