Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Adventure vs. Responsibility

Have you ever done something a little crazy and very spontaneous? Have you ever done such a thing and didn't let anyone know about it? I would be interested in any experiences my faithful readers have.

I will soon do such a thing. I will soon do something that is not totally in line with my personality. I will do something kind of irrational and a bit risky. And soon I will have a great story to tell about it. It seems that risky, spontaneous things always make great stories to tell.

Without this sense of adventure our stories seem to lack a bit of excitement. As does our life. So every once in a while it seems right to step out and do something a bit irrational and counterintuitive. After I do this "soon to be adventurous" activity, I may blog about it. Then again I may not.

My goal in taking this adventure is to let as few people know about it as possible. I have only told a few people here at Horizon what this "thing" will be. I have told a few of my friends from seminary as well. Other than that, no one knows. And maybe no one will. I have asked those who do know to keep it a secret of sorts. And this too adds to the adventure.

So I am on the verge of a break through in adventurous spontaneity. I seemed to have a ton of this sort of spirit in college. But in seminary I tried to be a bit more "responsible." Well, now I will try to bring the two together. Is it possible to be BOTH spontaneously adventurous AND responsible? I think it is. It must be. But maybe I am just fooling myself. Either way, it will be fun! Maybe I will tell you all how it goes....or maybe not. We shall see!


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