Monday, October 11, 2004

I'm back

After some protesting from some friends and a few conversations about blogging, I decided to get back on the horse. This is the longest I have gone without blogging since I began my blog. It is easy to have blogging slip from the brain when so many other things are going on...launching a church, starting a small group, building new relationships, enjoying my girlfriend and the like. But I have missed it and want to work my way back into writing consistently.

The biggest thing on my mind these days is where the "guys" are at Horizon. I have had numerous discussions with various groups of guys about the "discontent" that they are experiencing in their lives and in their relationship with God. Much of it seems to be due to two things. 1) A lack of time spent reading scripture and praying (ie. disciplined time connecting with God) and 2) struggles with lust (mainly in the form of pornography).

As a guy I understand these struggles. I understand how they can take one's focus off of the movement of God. The undisciplined life seems to fog the eyes and sin in our lives seems to deafen our ears. Lord, give us eyes to see and ears to hear. The interesting thing is that this is occurring in many of the lives of the guys at Horizon at the same time.

So as a leader at Horizon in the midst of all of these conversations what do I do? What do we do? Accountability seems to be the first thing that comes to mind. Some sort of brotherly bonding time might also be needed. The purity of our lives is at stake. The integrity of our marriages is on the line. Our own ability to be open to the Spirit is jeopardized. So what do we do, fellas? What do we do?


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