Monday, July 26, 2004

Ms. Williams

So I met a girl.  Right now I am listening to Alanis Morissette's new CD.  Its good.  Oh, yeah, I met a girl. 

I took a risk with this girl because I invited her to this very blog.  That means that if ever I discuss her or topics relating to her she will be able to read them.  But I wanted to be able to open my life up to her.  I wanted to give her a piece of me that I had been keeping from her.  I have invited her into my strange little world and hope that she doesn't run screaming in fear. 

Her name is Missy Williams.  I met her at a mutual friend's wedding (June 12th).  We traded info and began to email and talk for about a month.  Then I upped and flew down to Atlanta, Georgia to see her (July 15th).  That was my great adventure last weekend.  She lives in Houston, Texas but she had been staying with her sister and brother-in-law for the month of July. 

As most of you know a "dating" relationship is a very new thing to my life.  Besides that fact that I have never had a girlfriend (yes, yes I know I am 25 and that fun fact makes me a ridiculous amateur), I have never really desired a long distance relationship.  She's never wanted one either.  But now we find ourselves with homes 23 hours away (by car) trying to make it happen. 

So on the one hand going to Atlanta last weekend was a great adventure, but the greater adventure is the one that happened last Thursday.  It was in a conversation last Thursday that we decided to take the "next step" in getting to know each other.  We aren't exactly sure what that is.  But we do know that we enjoy talking to each other. 

So who is this Missy Williams you ask?  Well, believe me I keep asking that same question.  From what I can tell so far she is a cute little blond haired, blue eyed, high school English teacher who loves to run and who loves kids. 

People have been asking me, "So Mark, what is different about her?"  What they mean by this question is "why have you decided to date this one but not the other girls who you have befriended over the years?"  And to be honest this is a hard question to answer.  Logically, the distance doesn't make sense, and some other things also don't make sense about her.  But I just know that we seemed to click.  Of course she is a solid Christian girl.  Of course I am attracted to her physically.  But what sets her apart.  I don't know.  I do know, its just hard to put into words.  Which makes for a frustrating blog entry I am sure.  Sorry. 

All that to say, I have begun the FIRST "relationship" of my life.  Scary huh?  Well, I thought it might be, but I was wrong.  It definitely has taken some soul searching, hard praying, wisdom seeking and adventurous risk.  But all in all, it is a lot of fun.  It just feels "natural."  And I am working hard to check in with my "feelings" as often as I do my logical brain.  This is also new territory for me, but my heart is doing a fine job indeed... so far. 


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