Wednesday, May 14, 2008

meditative motion

The traditional list of spiritual disciplines is something like this: praying, fasting, serving, meditating, studying, solitude, silence, etc. I think I would like to add a new one.

When we were a newly licensed teenage driver, there was nothing quite as fulfilling as driving around with the windows down and the music up. If it was a warm summer evening and our cars were packed full of friends, even better. I don't know what it was about driving with no particular place to go that was so compelling. But when we did it with the windows down, blasting our favorite tunes on a beautiful day, it refreshed our souls.

I think we should recapture that moment today. As many of us get older, have more responsibilities, more bills, kids and spouses, we tend to experience this teenage rite of passage much less if at all. I think our souls suffer for it. We should re-live this experience as adults but in a new way. I think it should become a new spiritual discipline. With a few simple changes, I think it can become a powerful spiritual experience for us.

First, rather than packing friends or family in the car, drive solo. Secondly, make sure the songs you blast into the atmosphere are worship songs. Then drive around town with no particular destination. Put the windows down (and sunroof if you have one) and worship at the top of your lungs. Feel the wind on your face, the acceleration of your car, and the power of worship all dance together in one beautiful moment. Imagine Jesus sitting to your right enjoying the moment with you.

Maybe we can name it the spiritual discipline of "meditative motion" or "acceleration celebration." Whatever we call it, with this adolescent ritual turned spiritual exercise, we will have a unique opportunity to experience and connect with God.


At 6:13 PM, Blogger CM said...

Huge fan! I do this often, but I put the whole top down. Somedays I do my random driving down the highway and sometimes I pick an old rocky dirt trail to tear up.

At 9:39 AM, Anonymous lissie said...

haha. i agree, it's great. i blogged about a good weekend i had a couple of months ago and that was one of the things that made the list...driving with the windows down, music up. =)


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