Tuesday, January 27, 2004

My friend Steph and I had a conversation tonight which helped me clarify the beauty of blogging. What came to me in this conversation was that blogging is "pure gift". Its an offering that destroys our societies principles of reciprocity. My blog is first and foremost a gift to my God. I often write thoughts and prayers as an extension of my ongoing conversation with Him. Secondly, it is a gift for myself. I have given myself the freedom to flesh out ideas and ponderings in an uninhibited fashion. Its a free gift to me which enables me to better understand my own thoughts. Finally it is a gift to anyone who reads it. Whether its a good and worthy gift is not up to me but up to the reader. But it is a totally free gift. There is no expectation of response (though there is an avenue for this in the "comments" box). I share my thoughts and try to be as transparent as is healthy. The reader has complete freedom to receive this gift without having to share their thoughts. One could judge, agree with, argue with, think about and condemn any ideas shared here and are under no obligation to let me know about it. Blogging is a pure gift, uncontaminated by the restrains of reciprocity. So if no one reads, awesome.... this is my journal. If close friends read, awesome....may they benefit from crawling around inside my head for a bit. If perfect strangers read, awesome....may the freedom to judge me or hate me OR agree with me or learn from me OR a mix of both....may this freedom be a gift to you from me. I expect nothing but silent anonymity in return.

Post Script: Thanks Steph for helping me articulate this idea.


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