Wednesday, February 04, 2004

february rain

It was raining hard this afternoon. I always wonder, before I jump out of my car and sprint into my destination, whether I should wait. This happened to me today.

It was pouring down rain. It was raining harder than I had seen it rain in Waco in a long time. And there I sat, ready to run, in my car, wondering if I should wait. Will it let up soon? Should I sit here a little longer? Should I relax and keep the music going?

But, inevitably, I run. I strategically open my door, lock my car, put keys in my pocket and grab my backpack all in one swift move. Then I spring out of the seat, shut the door and run in to Common Grounds. I got wet. Really wet, as did my backpack.

As I stare out the window now its barely drizzling. A second guess comes to mind. Maybe I should have waited. Ahhh, but then I would have missed the rain.


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