Sunday, February 01, 2004

more escapades in common grounds through the magic of the eyes

My first inclination is to apologize for yet another story about a girl in common grounds. Then I think to myself, "Wait, apologize to whom...this is my blog.....I will write whatever the heck I want to write!" Ok

There was this girl buying coffee at the counter at common grounds. I am sitting in the back corner. I notice her but I don't think she noticed me. She walks around back, past the bathroom, through the room with the couches and to the back door. And there I sit, in the corner at a high table. I look up and we make eye contact. She smiles. She is CUTE!!! Great eyes. Great smile. Nice lips and brown curly hair. I shoot a small grin back in her direction. I look down at my computer. She opens the door. I look up again to get one last look. She pauses. She looks at me again. We make eye contact AGAIN and she smiles again. I quickly look down not expecting that last look. But then I look up again. She is half way through the door. She notices me looking up a THIRD TIME and she peers through the glass panes in the door. WE MAKE EYE CONTACT AGAIN!!!! Strike three...I am OUT! Down for the count. She smiles big this time. We both know what just happened. Then its gone. The moment is gone. She walks out the back and out to her car.

What do I do? I do what I normally do. Nothing. I finish the email I was working on. She keeps walking to her car. And there it ends. Yet another episode in which I am left half pleased and half unsatisfied. Will she turn around and come back in? No. Will I leave my computer and homework to go introduce myself? No. Will anything come of that 20 seconds of heart pounding, adrenaline rushing, flirtatious dance of the eyes? No. Will it ever happen again? Probably, but next time with a new stranger. And each time they end up being one-time-use, disposable flights of fancy. Welcome to the life of Mark Stephenson.


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