Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Lifestyle of sin. What is that anyway? Can we differentiate between lifestyles of sin? What is the difference between a lifestyle of sin such as alcoholism and a lifestyle of sin such as materialism? Is there a difference between homosexuality and selfishness as a lifestyle? Can one be a Christian and have a lifestyle of sin? I think so. But does that impact our understanding of what it is to be a disciple? Is it more of a direction that we move in? Can we live in a lifestyle of sin and still pursue and move toward Christ? Even if this is possible, it has to impact someone's walk in a negative way. I really wonder which lifestyle is more glorifying to God: a monogamous homosexual relationship between two Christians who adopt a kid and raise him/her the best that they can OR two materialistic heterosexual church going Christians in a good marriage who buy only the nicest of consumer goods? Is this even a valid question? Is one better than the other? Does God even see it like that? I just don't know.


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