Thursday, January 29, 2004


Once again I find myself in Common Grounds. My sanctuary, my study, my living room, our coffee shop. I just saw a girl at the counter ordering coffee. She looked as if she had just come in from exercising. Probably running or walking. She was in a loose, long sleeve t-shirt. White. She also had on those cotton spandex type workout pants. Grey. Her hair was brown and not neatly put together. Just as it should be after a workout. She turned to look up at the board of items before she ordered her drink. I glanced up at her as I do just about anyone who would come into Common Grounds. Unbiasedly. But my second glance was biased. I couldn't help but to look back at her. And not just a glance this time but a semi-long stare. It wasn't a lusting kind of stare where I looked at her body. No, I was more captivated than that. She was beautiful. And I don't use that word lightly. I hardly ever call a girl beautiful. I know there are many kinds of beauty. The kind I speak of here is of course purely physical. But beauty it was. She was more than cute; even more than pretty. Her beauty was a unique one.

What do I do with that? Do you tell people these thoughts? Do you walk up and just tell them what you think? Surely that would be hitting on the girl. Not my intention, but that is how it would be taken. I am always torn by these things. For some reason these kind of thoughts want to jump out of my mind, slide down my sinus cavity, and springboard off of my tongue...flipping and floating into the air, all in order to find a home in the ear of another. For now these things will have to hibernate in this electronic media. But I hope that they will be freed from this cyber-prison one day and will find their home not only in the ear but also in the mind and heart of someone close.


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