Saturday, February 28, 2004

tonight....., YES TONIGHT (I owe this title to the many dedicated Young Lifers out there)

Well, I finally did laundry today. The apartment complex that I live in has a wash room where two dollars in quarters gets a load of laundry clean and dry. So after four full loads of laundry, I finally have boxers on. Ahh, the touch, the feel of cotton. The fabric of our lives.

So the soft cotton of my boxers is warmly caressing by buttocks. And it feels good. I also got a person to go with me to see The Passion of the Christ tonight. I am going at nine with a girl named Michele. She is the leader of the college ministry at FBC Waco. We met when Jason recommended me to her as a potential leader for their retreat last weekend. We hung out a few times trying to put together retreat details and then hung out all last weekend at the retreat (which was at her parents house).

She seemed like a safe date. She is fun and cute and a solid Christian girl. But she has already graduated from Baylor with a degree in Church Music, so I won't feel like a child molester in the movie. It should be a good and challenging night. I heard so many good things about this movie. I know God will speak to me in a unique and creative way tonight. I feel a sort of reverent anticipation. I wonder if this isn't the feeling I should always have before a worship service? Either way, I am excited about this movie.

Michele is also a good date because I am sure she will be able to have an intelligent conversation about the movie. I wanted to go with someone who would give me a little more than, "Wow, that was great." As true as that may be, I kinda want to be able to kick around our deeper thoughts on the implications of the movie.

So all the laundry is done. All the dishes are done. Its a saturday night and I am going to see (what will probably be) one of the most moving experiences of this semester with a pretty cool woman of God. Life is good.

Father, I wait expectantly for you tonight. Prepare my heart and my mind, my eyes and my ears to encounter you in this movie. Jesus help me to see what you saw, to feel what you felt, and to participate in your humanity tonight. I thank you for the HUGE things like the cross and your sacrifice. And I thank you for the little things like clean clothes and enough food.


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