Wednesday, March 03, 2004

a day of great news

What a difference a day makes. Lots of good news today so allow me to share.

First, I got a phone call from the pastor I will be working with at Horizon. Good news. The conversation we had yesterday was a bit of a miscommunication. It turns out that Horizon Church has me budgeted into their budget this year and regardless of whether I get funding from the Baptist Convention of Maryland I will be paid full-time in June. Awesome!

Second, I got up an hour before a big mid-term today which I hadn't studied for. I put in a good hour of study and headed off to class. The two essay questions that I knew the best where the two that I got to answer on the exam. Bottom line, I think I did well even though I didn't have much time to study.

Third, I found out today that a project that was due on Monday got pushed back. I have to lead a retreat this weekend and had virtually no time to work on it. But because of my trusty friend Lizzie, we got it pushed back. She has a job interview that Monday and won't be able to make it to class. She is my partner on the project so naturally Dr. Tucker allowed us to do it on a later date. Woo hoo!! Thanks for that one Lizzie! I owe you.

Fourth, I have a book to finish and a book review due on it by tomorrow. Likewise, I have to read 50 pages of another book for that same class and make a presentation on them. The good news is that now I don't have to spend time working on that project for next Monday and I am ten pages away from finishing the book. I should have the book review done by tonight and maybe even start on the class presentation.

Fifth, I got a packet in the mail inviting me to be a part of the church planters assessment in March (spring break). This is good because I had already bought the plane ticket to Maryland. With the help of Jason and Chad, my trusty partners in crime, I crafted an email to Kevin (the head of the church planting in Maryland) explaining where I agree and disagree with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. My hope is that this email will allow me go to assessment, regardless of whether they fund me or not.

Indeed, it was a day full of good news. Yesterday I had a bunch of friends, two different classes, a couple professors, and my family all praying for me. Thanks guys. I don't want this to sound trite, but God is good and He does hear our prayers. I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I have pages of church planting application stuff that I have to have finished and mailed in before spring break. I have all of the afore mentioned work due tomorrow. And I have a retreat that I have yet to prepare for this weekend. Even still. It was a day of good news.

Father, I thank you for times of uncertainty which remind me of my trust in you. I thank you as well for your faithfulness in answering our cries for help.


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