Sunday, April 25, 2004

middle school note passing: the spice of spontaneity

I just wanted to let you all in on a fun occurrence tonight. I went to the library to do some commentary research for a sermon. I first had to go to the bathroom, number 1, and quickly "drain the weasel." As I left the bathroom a strikingly beautiful brunette passed by me on her way to the women's lavatory. My exact thought as we passed and made eye contact was, "Wow!"

So then I go roaming around the library trying to find a seat next to an electrical outlet. I needed to use my computer to take notes. I sat at a completely empty table and sure enough, it has an outlet nearby. I get to working when I notice the girls to my left. There is three piles of books and two studying girls. I pay no attention to the numerical imbalance and begin to crack open the commentaries.

Well, wouldn't you know it, the beautiful girl I had just passed resumes her seat at the next table over. "Oh boy...." I think to myself, "Am I going to be able to get any work done?" But I press on and focus my brain on the task at hand. Over the next hour and a half she shifts from her table, to the table diagonal from mine and then finally to the one just across from me in my line of vision. Her excuse to her friends was that they were being too loud. Maybe so....or maybe she was strategically placing her beautiful person just where my eyes will have to fight to stay on my computer.

I make it to the end of my research and begin to pack up. I can't let this opportunity pass by. I was a little hesitant at first, but then she looks up and asks if her friends were bothering me. I didn't say anything, I just smiled back at her and shook my head "no". I half-way pack up and then decide to go and get a piece of scrap paper from the printer area and jot down a short note.

Here is what I wrote:
Outside - "A little note reminiscent of middle school." Then I make a little arrow pointing toward where she should open the note.
Inside - "I couldn't help but notice you from across the table. I am not trying to hit on you or weird you out. I just need you to know that I think you are beautiful. (drawn smiley face) I hope you have a great night!" Then at the bottom of the inside I signed, "The Random Guy from the Library."

I continue to pack the rest of my stuff and I put away the commentaries. I slip the note in my pocket and put on my backpack. Her face is down toward her homework as I approach her table. She is there by herself as her friends are all at the other table not paying attention. I walk up to her and say, "Hey". She looks up and replies "Hi." I say, "My name is Mark" as I put my hand out in handshaking formation. She shakes my hand, smiles and says, "My name is Brittany." Her face begins to turn red and she looks back down at her work. I pull the note out of my pocket and place it on the table in front of her saying in a whisper, "I wrote this for you. Have a great night." She takes it and says "thanks" as I walk away into the rows of stacked books.

SO MUCH FUN!!! I didn't stick around to see her reaction. I didn't stay to see the reaction of her friends. I didn't want to. That is not what that little note-o-fun was about. It was about me telling her what I thought without any strings attached. I left no number. I left no name. I didn't even try to make awkward, "I am trying to hit on you" small talk. Nope, I just turned around and walked away. And I couldn't help but smile the entire way out to my car.

To the degree in which I hate letting those moments slip away, is to the degree in which pure joy floods my cheeks when I actually step up to the plate. It is moments like these which flavor life with that spice of spontaneity.


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