Tuesday, April 27, 2004

post-preaching praises

I just finished preaching in chapel. I love to preach. I love to be up there trying (however poorly) to articulate the truths of the gospel. But let me share with you my favorite parts of preaching in chapel this morning:

- It was great to look out into the crowd and see friends that were there just because I was preaching.
- It was great to see beloved professors smiling back at me from the pews.
- It was great to have a church in Maryland that barely knows me, praying for me while I preached.
- It was great to have my preaching professor come up to me before the service begin to tell me that he has been praying for me.
- It was great to hear students say after the service that they "needed to hear that message this morning."
- Most of all it was great to know that God could use even me to speak to a room full of critical seminary students and brilliant professors.

Father, all blessing and honor, all praise and glory go to You. Truly You use the foolishness and the weakness of this world to do Your ministry. Of all the people I want to make proud of me, Your approval alone is what matters. Father, when You smile upon me, my heart is glad. I give to You an offering of praise. I collect all the "good-jobs" and "well-dones" and I give them to You. For You alone are worthy. Thank you so much for honoring me with your love and your grace. These are the greatest honors I could ever receive.


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