Thursday, February 05, 2004


As I read over the posts on this blog I notice how extreme they are. It seems that I only express the highs and the lows of my days. They all seem to be either very self-critical or confused or full of joy. There aren't any just "normal" everyday emotions expressed. Maybe it is that the only thoughts which burn into my brain long enough to remember are the one which make it to this blog. Its only the extremes which stand out.

As I read over these posts I wonder, "Who is this guy?" Sometimes it doesn't even seem like me. Most of the time life isn't as extreme as these posts make it out to be. Life usually has a sort of comforting blandness to it. Maybe some of my posts should reflect this blandness. Sounds like a plan. I will begin articulating the averageness of life. Starting...........three minutes ago.


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