Wednesday, February 04, 2004

crazy dreams

I had three crazy dreams last night. I couldn't get to sleep so I took some sleep aids to help me. All of this at 2:30am. This could be the culprit to my wacko dreams.

Dream 1: Me and a friend get into a fight about a girl. I don't even like the girl but for some reason I emphatically defend my right to pursue her as a girlfriend. I claim my territory and fight my friend about her. Ridiculous.

Dream 2: Somehow I find myself in the midst of a Southcentral L.A. gang. I am not quite sure what happened but I just know that Ludacris was near a window and was fighting the Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls is what I like to call him). In the scuffle Ludacris throws Biggie out the window, whereby he plummets to his death. Can't remember after that.

Dream 3: The Mafia is upset with me for some reason and I find myself in a white bathroom. Somehow I am Harrison Ford or am playing a Harrison Ford character in a movie, I am not sure which. Anyway, they beat me up and leave me for dead. A HUGE puddle of crimson blood floods out of my mouth and onto the floor as I lay there limp. I am dyeing.

Then, all of a sudden, I get a burst of energy. I decided to pick myself up and clean up the blood. The mob is just in the next room so I have to do it quickly and quietly. They are sending in a guy to "clean up" the rest. I gather that this means that I will be chopped up into little pieces so as to dispose of me easily. I grab some paper towels and clean up the blood. As the guy who is coming to take my life enters the bathroom, I throw way the bloodied paper towels and scurry into a stall. I stand on the toilet seat and crouch down so as to not be seen. He calls out my name because he knows I am in there. (I can't remember the name but it wasn't Mark, and I still recognized it as my own name, weird.) He slams open the stall door and sticks a cardboard box the size of a handgun in my face. I take the box, open it up, and there before me is a slice of vegetable pizza. I don't even like veggie pizza but I was glad to see this piece come my way. He was letting me live. And then I woke up.

After each of these dreams I woke up disturbed, anxious, worried and generally unsettled. I don't know what they mean, but two things are clear: 1. I've got issues and 2. Last night, the turmoil within (whatever that might be), manifested itself in some nutzo dreams.


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