Friday, February 06, 2004

a follow up thought on homosexuality

I just finished IMing a friend's roomate who is getting her masters in counseling with a concentration in mental illness. We talked about homosexuality. She raised an interesting point.

I asked her if she thought mental illness was sin. She said no, obviously, but then noted the movie "Monster." In this movie, the main character is mentally ill due to a rediculously tough life. This mental illness led to her becoming a serial murderer. Is murder sin? Yes. Is mental illness sin? No. But the mental illness was a direct influence on the murdering. The action of murder which is sin came from mental illness which is not sin.

So what does this have to do with homosexuality? If the feeling of being attracted to the same sex is caused by a biological reality, then it may not be sin. But when one acts on this biological reality and has sexual experiences with a person of the same sex, then it becomes sin. If I believe that, just as mental illness is a biological reality, homosexuality is a biological reality, I must be open to the possibility that "acting" on this biological reality may still result in sin. This is the case for the mentally ill patient who murders. Could it be the case for a homosexual person? It is possible. I don't know.

The quest for truth and love continues!


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