Thursday, February 05, 2004

wrestling with homosexuality

I have been wrestling with homosexuality ever since the beginning of this year. It all began with the challenges put forth by my friend "Donnie." This friend of mine is gay and is a first year student here at Baylor. As he told me his struggle through high school, my heart hurt for him. His life is a challenge to my view on homosexuality.

Then this whole thing with Truett and Matt Bass. I have had many classes with Matt. We have argued with each other and supported each other for the past couple years in the classes that we have had together. He is openly gay now. I have a lot of respect for him as a Christian minister. His life is a challenge to my understanding of homosexuality.

Today in Dr. Gloer's class, all we did was discuss this issue and pray. Dr. Gloer has such amazing wisdom sometime. He, himself, is struggling to seek God's truth in all of this. He is also, like the rest of us at Truett, having to take another look at our view on homosexuality.

Gloer said, "The most dangerous thing we can do is to pray for God’s wisdom, and the most courageous thing is to obey it." Then he went on to say, "I don’t know where God is taking us, I just want to be there." I think the thing that effected me the most was when he said, "I don’t know the ramifications of seeking God’s discernment." It's SO true. So true. Crazy things can happen when we submit to the wisdom of the cross instead of the wisdom of this world. Who's to know what will happen? Certainly not me. Only God knows in the end.

Father, I submit my understandings to You. I don't have any wisdom apart from You, Father. Help me to know what you think of homosexuality. And help the Truett community to be just that,...the community which You have called us to be.


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