Wednesday, February 11, 2004

better days

Its amazing what a talk with a friend, a little irresponsibility, a hair cut and a trip to the grocery store can do. I was down in the dumps a few days ago but today I feel great. Some things (like bills, groceries, and getting a hair cut) had been hanging over my head. These things are done now and life is better.

A good talk with Chad also made life a little better. A girl that I had been emailing sent me an email agreeing to "just be friends"....this made life a little better too. I felt a sense of freedom after reading her email. And my workout today was great. Its the little things right?

All day today when people asked, "How are you?" I answered "I am good", or "I am great." And these statements were fully the truth.

Last night I couldn't focus at Common Grounds because there was a poetry reading. A bunch of students got up and spouted off in rhyme. It was fun, so instead of trudging through homework, I simply put the book down. Ahh, the power of putting the book down. I listened to the poetry and lived life. It was great. The rest of the night I just hung out with my CG friends and had fun. So refreshing.

I have made it my goal to really live life the rest of the semester. I will accept the consequences which will come from truly living life. I will try to hold to the priorities in my life and not bow down to the gods of immediacy and dead-line. I will try not to prostitute my time to the god of study and the temple of scholarship. I will try, to the best of my ability, to love the life I live and to live a life I will love. And then, we will see what happens.

Father, You have called me to live an abundant life. Show me the fullness of what this means. Help me to daily choose joy and to really love this life you have given to me.


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