Sunday, February 08, 2004


This past week has been a low one. Sometimes one goes through emotional lows. Usually there is a definite reason. Something is to blame. But for some reason I can't pin point the culprit. I have been feeling a general low I guess for many reasons all put together.

I feel behind on school work, at the same time, I feel like an inordinate amount of time is spent doing school work. The impending reality of graduation is on the horizon. I am kinda confused about how to handle a couple girl situations. Drama on the blog site. I worked all weekend so little time to have fun was available.

And speaking of fun, I was telling some friends the other day that I think I have forgotten how to have fun. Its like this cloud of drizzle is following me around. Every time I think the sun may be coming out, it seems to sneak behind that same stinken cloud. My sleeping patterns are kinda wack right now, which doesn't help. I am financially broke, physically drained, emotionally dragging and the fun factor in my life is non-existent.

I am really not sure why all of this is. I have no "trauma" of life to blame it on. I have everything I need. I have good friends. I have a great education. I just am not sure what's wrong. My hope is that I will somehow snap out of this soon. My motivation to get work done is lessening by the day. I need all the motivation I can muster right now because I have a lot of work which won't wait on my mood to swing. Curious. Life is so weird sometimes.


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