Saturday, February 07, 2004

sticker of trial and tribulation

At work today, I was in charge of making a bunch of poster boards with quotes on them about various depressing topics. The posters are for the Tunnel of Oppression thing which CLL is doing soon. There was quotes on there about poverty, rape, abuse and the like.

One thing really stood out to me though as I glued the unending quotes onto each poster board. They always put the bar code sticker on the soft side of the poster board. They never put it on the shiny side. The shiny side isn't good for anything really. Markers don't write well on that side. Glue doesn't stick well on that side either. So whenever anyone uses poster board, they always use the soft side. The side where glue works and markers show up.

And wouldn't you know it. This is the very side which store owners stick their bar code sticker on. And its not easy to get that sticker off either. It takes skill and patience in order to carefully scrape the sticker off without leaving gooey remnants. Those tricky bar code stickers Ahh, such mysteries in this world.


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