Friday, February 13, 2004

let it snow

It snowed today in Waco. And by snow, I mean it actually snowed. Not just the flurry type snow which most people down here consider snow. It was big old wet flakes of white wonderland.

Growing up in Maryland and going to college in Pennsylvania I have experienced all kinds of different snows. I like snow. Its fun when it snows. It reminds me of the younger years when I got out of school because of it. I have many fond memories of building snow men, snow forts, an actual igloo in the front yard and making snow angels. Snow reminds me of the times I went out with dad to shovel the walk. It reminds me of the times I would shovel out the drive way just so I could bundle up and play basketball with gloves on.

Snow reminds me of the fond memories of college when we would go sledding as twenty year olds. It reminds me of the weekend when I taught Christina and Jodi how to shoot a basketball. We three were out in a foot and a half of snow full out tackling each other. Fun times.

As a Marylander I take snow for granted. Today I saw some high school girls at Chili's Too run outside at the sight of a the first flakes of snow. They all screamed and gathered in the cold grass outside of the restaurant. Some were jumping up and down at the white shower. Others flopped down and tried to make snow angels even though approximately 4 flakes had stuck to the grass at that point.

Their excitement about snow helps me to appreciate it more. For Central Texas its rare. For me its not. But a part of me danced when I saw those girls dance. A part of my heart screamed with delight as the many snow memories warmed my heart. Something about snow is magical. And no matter how many times I have seen it snow, the magic never seems to go away.


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