Thursday, February 12, 2004

my "type" of girl

I was asked the other day what my "type" of girl was. I make it a policy never to answer this question when asked by a girl. This is for various reasons which I won't get into here.

I pondered what my type was. This question usually pertains to physical appearance. And as I think about it, I do have a "type." I have many "types" actually but one is a bit more prevalent then the others. What I mean is that there are many combinations of "looks" which I find attractive in girls. And yet one combination of "looks" appeals to me more than others.

But deeper than that, there is a kind of girl which I usually find myself attracted to. Physical beauty definitely plays a part in this. But more consistently than any physical "type" is a character "type."

I find myself attracted to girls who are comfortable in their own skin. Girls who know their flaws and know their weaknesses but don't obsess about them. Girls which are visibly passionate about God. Girls who are good at loving people of all shapes, colors, sizes, and ages. Girls who challenge me spiritually not through their boasting or advice but through their humility and vulnerability.

Girls who are ministry minded and God centered. That is my type. I don't think I could get any more cliche than I am right now, but the truth is that way sometimes. This "Sunday School" answer has never been more true to me. In 24 years of living, I have seen some amazingly beautiful girls. Real life girls that I thought only existed in TV or movies. But the ones that make me trip over myself time and again, are the ones which seem to die daily to their own "girlishness."

These are the girls which face up to the lies which this world has told them as females. They have sold out to the gospel in order to engage the world differently. They know God. And its evident that His hand is upon them. This is my "type."

What I am a miserable failure at is being able to "spot" ones like these. I too often still see through my own eyes. I can't see beyond the flesh, into the heart, into the soul. I am ever "seeing" but never "perceiving." You can see these kinds of girls from across the room. Their joy is evident. But one needs eyes empowered by the Spirit and vision which is guided by discernment. These are the kind of eyes I long for. This is the "type" of girl I am looking for.

Father, I pray along with all the other blind beggars, heal my sight, give me eyes to see.


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